His Guardian

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As strange as it sounds my father and stepmother met in an online yahoo chat room. They instantly fell in love and spent a lot of time together from day one. Before we knew it she moved herself and children in our house and everything seemed peachy keen.Within a few years dad's health began to deteriorate and he aged rapidly. Being on 48 plus medicines you can only imagine the reaction this could have on one's body. And on Christmas Eve she was handing J├Ąger to my father. No surprise his Gallbladder gave up on him 12/31/2012. Was I called when he was rushed to the hospital? No, I was told around 8:00pm via text and the paint started earlier in the morning. Considering he's my father I should of known sooner and this is what I fear about with my brother.  Since my stepmother was a nurse or so we thought we believed in her.

However, on 01/17/2013 my father took his final breaths and on this day I learned the dirty truth. She'd been married three times and four guys from her past have died. Three of which were with her or associated with her at the time of their death. Her oldest daughter whom I love to pieces shared a secret with me. Let's just say this is no longer a secret -- the woman we loved didn't truly love us. For years she stated she was a nurse but not practicing but holding her degree by taking classes and what not. Instantly I reached out and found online records stating other wise. She had surrendered her nursing license for misappropriation of Imipramine (IE. Prescription drug Consult a doctor if you have a medical concern. Treats depression. May also be used to treat bedwetting in children. This medicine is a tricyclic antidepressant.) A DCI investigation began and an autopsy was ordered.

On 06/13/2014 we had a court date and on that day she pointed her head at the ground with eyes closed and stated she was withholding our loved one as we accused her of murdering her husband. This was all said in front of the Judge, family, caregivers, South East Iowa Case Management, WCDC employees and her children.  How can someone who surrendered a nursing certificate take care of a mentally handicap man? Why can't I? This is the question I've been trying to answer..

Considering my fathers never had a Facebook account I find it rather strange that this account has been actively posting for the last five months and was added as an administrator for her buy sell and trade group.
Here's a typical Facebook conversation with her prior to our father dying .

I will fight for you, Jimmy! #FREEJimmy


  1. During your parents divorce, was sole custody awarded to your father? I'm trying to understand why your mom doesn't have rights. Does she want to have guardianship over Jimmy? I know of a similar case where the only way to get custody of Jimmy or to change things, is to challenge your step-mother's guardianship in court. A worker will be assigned to look into Jimmy's best interest and to investigate both sides of the familty. That 3rd person will testify in court about the background investigation on both sides and what is in Jimmy's best interest. You may have better luck if your mom (Jimmy's adoptive mom) fights for custody as well.

  2. The divorce papers do not state anything regarding mom giving up her rights. And yes, I believe that may be correct regarding challenging the Guardianship as it should have been passed down to my mother then myself. And we currently have a Guardian Ad Litem. However, she has failed us so many times... Hint hint.. Why were still in this limbo of a mess. <3

  3. have you contacted Julie? at se case management ?
    or called the safty center for a safty sweep of him?

    1. Great question. SE Iowa Case Management won't speak to us in fear of confidentiality and of being sued by the Guardian. I've tried for the past year and half. Only way they initially spoke was due to a 'concern' I had. But, from my understanding they are all under her control. And the system is failing Jim. And regarding the safety swap are you referring to a Welfare check? They wont do them and Kat denies them.. due to Jim being hurt/confused/what not by a police officer showing up. Jim loves cops. Jim loves the fire department. We all know this. keep sharing.