Now, take a moment and reflect on the images below. Jim's now approximately 130lbs less. 
Depression? Starvation? Who knows..  


Although, I will let you decide for yourself

Here's a few screenshots from the Iowa Courts site and an e-mail I received from an officer for a call for service involving my brother. During both incidences he "stole" food/money. Knowing this makes me sick to my stomach. I'd send him a care package if only he'd receive it...

Jim loves church! He held a record at the church he attended until our father passed away. Since then he has not been able to attend due to his Guardians wishes. 

We miss you. #FREEJimmy


  1. When I first seen this on FB. one of the first things I noticed was Jim's weight. The last time I seen Jim around town he was wearing his cowboy hat. Not sure what year that was.

    1. You are not the only one many including myself have mentioned this and DHS reports have been filed yet nothing done. A little weightloss is fine and healthy but what has happened over the last year and a half is horrid.