Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fighting Back Against Isolation: Travis Campbell and Catherine Falk Join Forces.

Travis Campbell and Catherine Falk Join Forces
Pass the Peter Falk Bill!
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When a loved one is in the hospital, you naturally want to be at the bedside. But what if the staff won’t allow it? What happens when a loved one is wrongly isolated from family and friends?
Glen Campbell’s Son Travis Campbell and The Daughter of the Late Peter Falk, Known as “Columbo” are speaking out about the Importance of Adult Visitation Legislation Which Coincides with the Push of the Peter Falk Bill.
**To schedule an interview, please respond to this e-mail message or contact Don Bischoff at (813) 792-2181.
After Catherine Falk was a victim herself in the attempts to see her ailing father, Catherine's former probate attorney drafted the Peter Falk Bill in 2011 and the first draft was handed to Assemblyman Gatto. After many amended drafts and hard work by her former lawyer, Catherine took one of the amended drafts to other states. California passed the visitation bill in 2015.
Catherine has since broadened her scope beyond just an adult child seeking visitation with an ailing parent but for all wards in isolation within Conservatorships/Guardianships exposed to abusive guardians who isolate our loved ones. Now Travis Campbell is in the same predicament. He too is in a fight for his right to see his ailing father Glen. 

How can we put an end to this isolation that continues to impact society as a whole? The mission is to go to every state in this country to pass a very important Bill/Law protecting the rights of families, specifically when a family member is being isolated from his/her loved ones or there is elder abuse involved. Let’s all join together to make this bill a reality!

Meet Travis Campbell
Glen Campbell’s son Travis Campbell is fighting for visitation rights to see his ailing father in the state of Tennessee. He is a strong supporters of the Peter Falk Bill legislation for visitation rights! 

Meet Catherine Falk
Catherine Falk is the Pioneer of the Peter Falk Bill. The Catherine Falk Organization is NOT/NO Profit Organization lobbying & drafting human rights visitation legislation with legislators in all states & the ULC.

 Pioneered the family rights visitation bill titled, The Peter Falk Bill, Glen and Catherine are advocates for elder abuse prevention, legislation for visitation rights among family members and an advocate for guardianship reform.

* What is the Peter Falk Bill?
* Who does it affect and what does it entail?
* Why is it met with extreme opposition?
* Why is it important to establish a bill to protect the rights of the people?
* How did your organization get started?
* What states already have passed the bill?
**To schedule an interview, please respond to this e-mail message or contact Don Bischoff at (813) 792-2181.

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